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Our Prices

It’s natural you’ll want to know the costs involved in engaging a content marketing agency, yet prices are often hidden or unclear.

Part of the time it’s down to the company being a little embarrassed by them, and others because they want to show what they offer before telling you the price.

We prefer transparency.

There’s no point impressing upon how effective our services are only to realise it’s beyond a companies’ budget.

Our prices start at £1,000 per month, either on a retainer basis or a negotiated value percentage of revenue based on performance.

We offer a 3-month trial to determine whether the association between us works and after this term, both parties commit to a 12-18 month rolling contract or monthly appraisal (whatever your preference).

We promise we won’t disappoint.

We want our name to mean something in the industry and go the extra mile to ensure it.

Our strategies are tailored to fit individual business needs because we know ‘one size doesn’t fit all’.

We do differ from some other agencies- and here’s how.

Other service providers may fear that if their methods are divulged, clients leave and do the work in-house.

Ultimately, we feel that choice should always be there.

We want you to understand how it all works.

The aim is always to provide the information and processes to steadily manage marketing procedures for themselves.

Without management and staff understanding the strategies in place, chances are further mistakes will nullify any progress made.

But we know the labour involved in achieving the success we offer, and in all likelihood, if we are doing our job properly you’d be crazy to go it alone.

For our fee, you should expect (among other services);

– An initial in-depth study into your business, based on our user research experience, marketing insights and optimisation tools

– Determining what is and isn’t working within your site

– From the findings, a first step target of increasing the businesses’ conversion rate by at least 200% through site optimisation, better user experience, and objective based PPC

– A plan for converting visitor interest into sales, increasing profits and a wider audience

– Focus an approach to creating more staff effectiveness, resulting in less revenue output

– A method for community involvement to help raise awareness by speaking to the customers direct

Comparing our costs with the necessary expertise in specific areas and you’ll see that hiring an agency makes sense.

These are the average salaries in the UK based upon the low end of the scale. The rates for London are usually higher.

Content Strategist – £36,000+
Copywriter – £25,000+
Content Editor – £20,000+
Graphic Designer – £25,000+
Social Media/Community Manager – £40,000
Content Marketing Manager – £32,500


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