Get Selling Online Within 2 Hours With Shopify

It’s one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for a reason.

How to Create and Sell Quickly With This Popular eCommerce Website Platform 

If you’re looking to build an eCommerce store and not sure how to go about it, a Shopify website is one of the best choices you can make.

A Shopify platform is perfect for businesses new to eCommerce as it’s quite a straightforward setup.

Download the Shopify app and choose one of a range of customisable templates that suit your brand persona and you’re on your way.

The concept behind a Shopify Store is to get sellers with little or no website building skills to negate the need to engage a web development company.

Though no technical SEO ability is necessary, the app does allow for both programming input and marketing strategy to build revenue further.

There Are Still Pitfalls To Be Aware of in Shopify

Typically, problems within the Shopify site emanate from the inexperience of the seller rather than the app itself.

However, there are areas which are detrimental to using the Shopify Store.

  • The URL structure doesn’t lend itself to as much flexibility as using your own website for eCommerce SEO.
  • If you intend to sell overseas, the language tools are not out-of-the-box and need downloading which can prove costly.
  • There are areas where extra transaction fees are accrued aside from the usual costs to payment providers such as Paypal, Amazon and Google Pay.
  • Technical support can be slow.

 Typical Mistakes When Selling On the Shopify Store

Failing to Recognise A Customer can be a Repeat Customer

A Shopify store owner often overlooks the value of a previous sale, moving quickly to the next customer without a thought.

A target audience has been found and lost at the same time- not a good strategy.

When you have a customer you need to keep them engaged with the brand and save you advertising spend.

Wasting time on expensive web design choices

It’s so easy to get caught in the pursuit of perfection when building a website.

Time is also a silent expense you will often overlook in favour of saving on a web designer or copywriter.

Don’t let the opportunity to make a profit quickly be missed for making a website that likely will please just you.

Shopify Mistakes Will Grow As You Scale

  • Poor sales theme for the online store will lose conversions and ad spend
  • Poor images and brand logos will damage trust with new visitors
  • Not enough product information will push customers to other marketplaces
  • Selling too many diverse products will lose focus on the topic authority
  • Downloading too many apps will slow the speed of the site and send the costs spiralling
  • Including irrelevant pop-ups that annoy instead of help
  • Not testing for a responsive design for all device usage
  • Using too few advertising sales channels and seeing Google as the only win

If A Shopify Store Misses Any Of The Points We’ve Highlighted, Each Will Contribute To Poorer Customer Experience And Loss Of Revenue.

What A Shopify Marketing Agency Can Do For eCommerce Growth

We Advise On the Web Design That Converts

Think of Salesbloom as a Shopify SEO Agency and your Shopify partner with all the elements SEO entails.

We’ll help build organic traffic via sales channels such as Google Ads and Facebook and many others

Find the Ideal CRO Strategy – Just as Vital on Shopify

We study Google Analytics for optimum keywords and engage in social media marketing to promote your brand.

We improve the conversion rate of sales by incremental and logical changes. 

A Shopify site is treated as an eCommerce business with Shopify SEO experts managing each step.

A Unique SEO Strategy Is Needed to stop always Paying to win 

Marketing is as crucial for Shopify SEO as any eCommerce platform.

Social media marketing, content marketing, and a comprehensive email campaign are carried out to optimise a stores presence.

A Digital Marketing Agency Costs But Often Value Outweighs Expense

Can you afford to run a Shopify Store on your own?

If you feel the answer is ‘yes’, we wish you every success and hope that some of the considerations we’ve highlighted assist your strategy.

However, If you realise the work involved and feel you can’t manage every element of selling on Shopify effectively, talk to a Shopify expert.

We don’t have to do it all- just what you might find difficult (or boring).

Once you’ve gained the knowledge to carry on alone, we’ll feel we’ve done our job.

Our Shopify agency has the experience required for setting up a Shopify store, marketing on social media, email marketing and countless other areas necessary for sales.

Would you like to give your team superpowers?