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Doing the same things gives the same results – nothing is learned.

Jim Miller works with established names such as Neil Patel, Eric Siu and the New York Yankees, and finds what separates their performance from the average is learning from their actions.

Only by taking action will you find incredible wins that drive 500% growth in one day or open the door to a surge of new customers by something as simple as adding a new payment option.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the people behind Salesbloom.  

Some people are lucky and find a job they love straight away.

Some get stuck in a rut, too nervous to move on.

Others still are exploring their potential.

I placed myself in the latter group.

My first employment as a warehouseman in an electrical goods store at least showed me that I like to give customers a good service.

Within a couple of years, I was leading the administration team, but I had already decided I didn’t want a career in this area.

I moved on as I hankered for something more mentally rewarding.

I was beginning to know ‘me’ better.

Soon after, I stumbled into working with my brother, selling promotional business items and corporate gifts.

My main roles were to conceptualise and design logos and webpages, and show clients what their finished products would look like.

I discovered that if I’m sufficiently interested in something, I research deeply and test my own theories until I feel I can say I know the subject without the bias of others.

A perfect example would be that I have a talent for graphic design.

I’m self-taught in Adobe illustrator because I saw such a waste of money and time when other companies subcontract their work.

When larger brands sent poor quality artwork, (even Virgin, Maltesers, and Stagecoach were culprits of that) I found that I could recreate it so it was suitable for printing.

Being passionate in digital business development, I taught myself how to build websites in HTML, CSS, WordPress and from there to the more involved platforms of Magento and Shopify.

I got my first tangible sense of achievement from, of all things, designing car windscreen stickers for national road safety campaigns that the government gave away in their thousands across the UK.

Website designing was something I found I was particularly good at (at least in terms of client satisfaction), yet I still knew my real calling lay elsewhere.

Then, as often happens, circumstances changed.

I married, and my wife and I moved to a flat in London in order for me to be closer to her while she studied for a Master’s Degree in Law.

Finding I was at a loose end, our landlord offered me a managerial position in an independent shoe business he owned.

Though I didn’t know it at the time, this venture became the catalyst for the work I do today.

To many, this is hard to believe, but within a year my staff and I grew the shoe retailer business from a turnover of £10,000 a month to an average of £250,000…and all without advertising.

My takeaway from this experience was it taught me to appreciate what could be achieved with limited resources.

The company outsold retailers such as Barratts, Office and Schuh, without spending a penny on marketing.

I felt a loyalty to my staff who’d worked so hard for me and for our employer (also my landlord), but the turning point came when a promise of staff Christmas bonuses was reneged upon.

I left the company, and as this made living in our tenancy difficult, my wife and I opted to return to my home town of Brighton.

The brand development team for New York Yankees offered me a position as a freelance consultant and I helped design a new brand of a sports shoe with them.

At the same time, the SAAS company who was running my previous shoe business offered me a role in managing accounts for their company.

Quickly, I became account manager for over 120 companies helping with their sales growth whose revenue ranged from £50,000 to £400,000 a month and included companies such as ‘Homebase’ and ‘Shopto.net’.

Yet again, I was in employment that I hadn’t actively chased but had an aptitude for.

I had this rocky moment in my life where I didn’t know what to do next but I was determined that this was not going to hold me back.

I set myself a goal of looking for work I wanted to do but not to rely on other people’s ideas and systems: I wanted to discover things for myself.

I left the SAAS business, took a step back and decided I now knew what were the common denominators out of those work experiences I enjoyed; helping others, doing my own research where I’m not believing everything I read or am told, and being loyal and honest.

I’d read about entrepreneurs and digital marketing gurus and one who struck a chord with me is Neil Patel.

I enrolled in one of Neil’s digital marketing courses and from my feedback and Neil and I building a rapport, have gone on to devise my own courses for Neil’s agency.

Recently, I assisted in managing with one of his biggest accounts.

Things Are Different

I’m concentrating on building my own brand while helping online businesses become their own marketing experts, teaching them as they grow.

I’m in the enviable position of being able to take on clients who I feel are the right fit for my company, and the satisfaction I’m doing things in an ethical manner.

My company is small by design and people orientated.

What’s important to us is that we take on projects of interest, do the work and have time to live.

Interested in Working with Us?

This is rare, but right now I’m at a point where I’m able to take on a few more clients.

If you want to be part of our business family, contact me personally- not one of my associates.

It wouldn’t take long for either of us to know if I can help you too.



11 years of building and optimising websites.

Managed 122 companies with hundreds of millions a year turnover in sales (such as Homebase, Shopto.net).


Oversaw 500% growth of traffic in one day.

Grew sales from £10,000 to £250,000 a month

The client had the largest sales day in eBay UK history (selling over £5M on one product)

Companies Worked With

Neil Patel, Agora Financial, Diadora Safety, New York Yankees, Eric Siu, Single Grain, Homebase, Shopto, Mor, Sunwisecapital, Waveapps, Killerspin

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