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Selling on Facebook is not the same as selling on other platforms.

Advertising on Facebook Isn’t as Simple as Some May Say

If you’re looking to hire a Facebook advertising agency or at least considering the prospect, Salesbloom would like to assist with your final decision.

Salesbloom has been dealing with Facebook advertising almost since it began, so we’re aware of many of the pitfalls.

We know how quickly Facebook ad spend can be exhausted through marketing to too wide an audience, or how easily an ad can be disapproved and you aren’t sure why.

From our past dealings with clients using the Facebook platform for advertising, we understand what it takes to get the best out of an ad account.

We also know how difficult Facebook marketing can be, and the rules you need to stick to.

Adhere To Facebook Rules

When advertising on Facebook or looking to commence a Facebook ad campaign, there’s a lot of hoops you need to jump through.

Once you get used to the rules it’s easier but not as simple as placing a Facebook advert and awaiting sales.

There’s a host of products and services where advertising isn’t allowed.

Prescription drugs, adult content, alcohol and tobacco (or tobacco related), gambling, dating sites, and weapons are all prohibited from advertising.

A Facebook ad must accurately and honestly portray the product, service, company or brand and the information provided must be relevant.

 Typical Mistakes When Using Facebook Ad

Falling Foul of Facebook Image Rules

When advertising on Facebook, image size is one of the strict rules you need to adhere to (though Facebook calls them “recommendations”)

An ad image size must be 1,200 x 628 pixels with a ratio of 1.91:1.

The recommended aspect ratio of an image has to be within a 3% tolerance of between 9:16 or 16:9 with the saved images in JPG or PNG formats.

The maximum ratio of text over an image is 20%, so it’s easy to make a mistake here.

One pixel out and it’s likely to mean the Facebook advertisement is rejected or disapproved. 

Targeting the wrong audience with Facebook ads manager

Facebook operates an auction-based system so campaign costs increase or decrease depending on market climate. 

This fluctuation in fees can catch out some advertisers if they’re not looking after their ad spend.

One of the responsibilities of a Facebook marketing agency is to be aware of alterations in costs, and agree on a digital strategy with their client when this occurs.

Picking the wrong target audience can cost you money and customers.

Typical Facebook Ads Issues

  • Facebook ad is disapproved or rejected based on not following the ever-changing rules
  • Images don’t comply with the ruleset, therefore, won’t be shown and cost more.
  • Elements of the advert are deemed irrelevant because it doesn’t resonant with the right audience.
  • The optimisation goal is unachievable because you rush to the money
  • Your ad account has reached the spending limit by showing the ad to the same users over and over again
  • The bid cap you made is too low to get impressions
  • There’s not enough budget in your ad campaign for the goal you picked
  • Your image violates the 20% rule of text vs image ratio
  • Your target ads overlap with other ads and make it hard to optimise.

A Facebook Advertiser Has An 87% Chance Of Their Ad Being Seen, Which Sounds Great – But It Means Nothing If The Ad Isn’t Pulling In Sales.

The variables and rules within Facebook ads are convoluted: This is what makes an advert both difficult to create and yet still comply with their ‘recommendations’.

If your video ad or image ad doesn’t attract the right audience, you might as well have just given the company your money.

Content is also key.

Without engaging content, your promotion will be lost in a sea of similar ads, all vying for the same buyers.

All of this before you’ve really chosen your campaign style or implemented Facebook Pixel on your website.

Linking to Facebook Pixel will ensure the right landing page is arrived at after a prospective customer pursues a sale off of the platform. 

If that wasn’t enough, Facebook allows an advertiser to choose from a vast range of demographics with which to target their audience.

Once this is all chosen, a budget needs to be decided upon, and let’s be honest here…

Even if an advertising agency is engaged, you’ll still need to be able to express your ideas and goals to them.

Why Advertise On Facebook at All?

Advertising with Facebook is highly effective over other marketing alternatives.

The advertising platform has the potential to reach into billions of homes each month. Facebook’s advertising revenue is almost a billion dollars a year. 

If you know what you’re doing, an advertising campaign can be set up pretty quickly and you can be earning from its lead generation within days.

Where Facebook scores over many other advertising platforms are through their social media presence.

Social media advertising allows a seller to learn so much about what the public thinks and why they buy. They’ll get feedback relating to their brand, product, or even how a campaign is being received,

Some Useful Tips For Making Facebook Ads Stand out

  • Black and white images often stand out better than coloured because the Facebook feed is too vibrant
  • Video ads tend to have more value for the ad spend over image ads because they autoplay and get attention
  • Do a shout-out to your target audience within the ad copy. Use it to learn more about how to find others like them
  • Keeping users on Facebook usually means a lower ad spend: Don’t divert them to your website if you don’t have to

Facebook Operates Three Main Styles of Ad

  1. Conversion
  2. Awareness 
  3. Consideration

Each has its own merits and rewards. Spend time investigating what works for others on the ad library Facebook shares.

A Facebook marketing agency can advise on which style ad is best suited for your campaign or brand.

Ad Format Can Make or break your campaign 

Some of these ad formats can’t be used with certain Facebook’s ad styles so test what works based on your own requirements.

  • Video ad – Great for well-controlled industries like Alcohol where you will have to jump through more hoops
  • Photo ad – Once a user is aware of your offering then a simple photo can remind them what matters
  • Slideshow ad – When you want to segment your audience to understand what they truly need
  • Carousel ad – Great for catalogue sales for online stores users are aware of already
  • Canvas ad – Used in combination with others will provide a strong return
  • Dynamic Product Ad – Saves you time with huge product offerings from your existing collectiom

Running Facebook Ads you need to understand it’s about interrupting users not selling to them

The act of placing a Facebook advert is overall a pretty straightforward task.

There are rules to adhere to or risk the Facebook ad being disapproved, but if you’ve got the time and patience, we say ‘Go for it’.

You should weigh the cost of engaging an ad agency, for Facebook (or any other marketing platform) against your budget and time constraints.

We’d be happy to discuss our fees and terms without any obligation.

Outsourcing your Facebook advertising can prove cost-effective if done properly.

When dealing with a Facebook ads agency, all the hassle is left to their marketing team to deal with.

Would you like to give your team superpowers?