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 Pay Per Click Campaigns Need Nurturing- Don’t be Like All the Other Sheep!

Only 24p In Every Pound Converts on PPC

Don't Trust Your PPC Campaign to Luck

Your business deserves a better approach. At Salesbloom, we constantly review your PPC campaign and make changes when ads show signs of decline. We don’t rest on our laurels.

Take The Drama Out of Digital Marketing

Higher ranking on Google is not the be-all and end-all of online success. Understanding the correct traffic is what matters. What’s essential is quality over quantity. You need enduring processes that produce results that mean more for your business.

Improve Your Staff Effectiveness

Personnel accounts for 65% business costs. If your staff is not on board with your methods, you are haemorrhaging money. Following our methods, every process is set up for you to successfully repeat with your team and maximise your staff effectiveness.

 Our Services

Salesbloom maps out your PPC campaign in a logical, easy to follow and repeatable manner.

Google Adwords

With Google handling over a trillion search terms a year, businesses need the best online presence possible. Being in the right place at the right time is essential when a relevant search for a product or service you provide occurs.

Adwords remain the most effective form of ranking for sales.

The more structured and professional a PPC campaign, the better chance you have of selling.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has more than a billion users per month, so this social media platform must be tapped into correctly with purposeful engagement and audience targetting.

The chances of a successful sale through Facebook is currently around one in five.

Salesbloom places the right ads in the right areas on Facebook to create impressive results.

Bing Advertising

Often overlooked and yet still accounting for twenty to thirty per cent of search traffic, Bing and Yahoo should be considered serious search engine providers.

As many of Google’s pay-per-click terms have no relevance with these platforms, it’s important to understand the differences and set custom tracking and analytics for each.

Bing and Yahoo both offer paid search advertising and those prospective customers who prefer not to use Google may well find you more easily by pay-per-clicks campaigns through these channels.

PPC Auditing

Salesbloom offer PPC audits as a service to clients who may still want to manage their own accounts and aren’t necessarily looking to switch PPC providers.

If you are simply looking for ways to improve and hone your methods we scrutinise your systems and provide the same advice we would employed if your account was ours.

Shopping Management

The top three search engine platforms offer advertising options to enable you to showcase products or services directly within their search results.

Shopping ads show up before organic listings for almost all search terms centred around commercial products. The share of search engine result pages displaying Shopping ads constantly rise year on year.


Salesbloom offers complete marketing strategies. Our expertise ensures that businesses spend their budgets on prospects most likely to convert, rather than casting a wide net in the vain hope of catching the right customers.

What's Included in Salesbloom PPC Management Services?


  • Full research of competitor keywords and their placement
  • Landing page design suggestions to improve conversions
  • Auditing of account regularly
  • Focus on display, social and search traffic to your website
  • Full customised reporting based on business goals not just to look good
  • Conversion-focused not vanity metrics
  • Thorough digital marketing management investigation
  • Audience persona research
  • Negative keyword to reduce spend
  • Location-based search engine optimisation
  • Call tracking for leads
  • Google shopping campaign management focused on ROI
  • Analytics cross-device insights
  • Heat map and user experience optimisation
  • Each task will be taught over to an internal team member on request
  • Social media optimisation analysis
  • National search engine optimisation

Some companies find it more convenient to work with local businesses.

If that’s you and you’re looking for a PPC Management in Cardiff or nearby, we would be only too happy to arrange a local meeting so you can see how we ‘tick’.

However, our projects are equally as successful as far afield as Europe and the USA.


How We Work

Step 1. Benchmark Analysis Visuals

Our processes analyse what works within your industry and benchmarks where you are positioned in comparison to your competitors.

Step 2. Pick and Mix Strategies

Decisions are agreed upon with regards to how any campaign strategy proceeds based on budget, timescale and relevance.

Step 3. Next Step Report

Ongoing step-by-step advice is given from your first proven win until you feel there’s no need for our assistance.
Salesbloom has been able to understand the complexity of our operations and, combined with their past experience, deliver a great solution for the business.
Rafael Berti

Co Founder / Director, Biassa APS

Jim really came through for us on a new marketing course for my brand and is a great guy I regularly work with on projects.
Neil Patel

International Marketing Expert , Neilpatel.com

Not only does Jim know what he is talking about professionally, and can actually do what he says he does, but he’s a really nice guy as well. He always puts the client first, even when this may be difficult.
Jacob Reimann

Founder, Inner Freedom

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