Technical SEO Optimisation for Any Search Engine

Get more customers to buy your products online from organic search and Google shopping, whether you are using Shopify SEO, Magento or any other online stores.

Mixing With the Right Crowd

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Technical SEO Makes A Website More Visible

A website that follows search engine rules, whether obvious or otherwise, has more chance of being visited than one that’s unorthodox.

It’s shame as we all tend to like creativity, but obvious as to why.

A search engine is generally automated and has a set of algorithms it uses to determine the safety, relevance and nature of a website: It’s not human, so has no need to look at creative flair.

Technical issues such as insecure connection, slow load time or poor read design contribute to determining a websites ranking position.

A Technical SEO Audit Determines Website SEO Efficiency

A technical audit (or SEO audit as it can also be known) is used to determine a website’s structure, the results of which map out an SEO strategy to increase effectiveness.

How effectively actions are taken dictates how skilled a technical SEO agency is.

How an SEO Agency Operates

Digital marketing is in constant competition.

To get top ranking and stay there, a website needs to constantly evolve. SEO has to be constantly reviewed and tweaked and SEO expert strategies for the best outcome in the shortest time possible.

Be it through keyword consideration, content marketing, link building or even through SEO training for staff, an SEO specialist saves time and money.

How Google Ranking Works

No one (aside from Google) knows all the secrets of why one site ranks over another. Certain actions seem logical to take and we’ve skimmed through some here.

Google isn’t the only search engine, but to rank well online this has to be platform almost every SEO campaign is aligned with.

Google’s algorithm software crawls through a website to determine how well it meets the expectations of a website visitor based on the site content.

Typically, technical SEO ensures the content of a website ranks highly in the search engine result pages (or SERP) of Google. It makes sense that an SEO agency concentrates on Google as it’s the most popular search engine.

Technical SEO issues arise from many issues: These are some of the most common;

  • Site speed (a slow site just doesn’t cut it)
  • Incorrect or missing XML sitemap (an XML sitemap enables Google’s algorithm to more easily gather the purpose of a site)
  • Site security (a website needs to show it’s secure)
  • Poorly coded robots.txt (robots.txt is a standard website use to interface with crawlers (programs used by search engines to collect data)
  • Incorrect Indexing (If Google can’t see you- you don’t exist)
  • Multiple versions of a homepage (Google doesn’t know which to index)
  • Duplicate content (confusing to the search engine bots crawling a site)
  • Broken links (External and internal linking need to work to keep ranking authority)
  • Data is unstructured (The structure of a site needs to be hierarchical and have logical steps)
  • Broken or missing Alt tags (Ranking is reduced for any mistakes or omissions)
  • Incorrect or missing meta descriptions (Without meta descriptions a site loses out on search opportunities)
  • No mobile optimisation (Optimisation for mobile phones is paramount as it accounts for over 53% of global search traffic)

Ask yourself- ‘Why would your target audience trust you?’

Technical SEO forms part of On-page SEO. Off-page SEO refers to how a brand generates exposure offline.

An SEO team will look at how a client handles local SEO and, if applicable, international SEO as both have different strategies.

A technical SEO specialist is more interested in resolving issues from a backlink audit than a websites social media presence. Though if a link to a social media channel was down, this would be dealt with.

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