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Understand what your customer’s see and how to sell the ‘right way’. 

We want to get down to the reason most people reach this web page…

You’re looking to improve your online sales but not sure who’s the correct fit for your company.

We’ve written this post with you in mind.

There are so many ecommerce websites on the internet that choosing the correct website design, coupled with the right content marketing for your business can prove daunting.

You’re not alone.

Most companies want to find that one emotional trigger indicating the SEO agency they’re looking to employ will be responsive to their particular needs.

Wouldn’t it be great then if the agency they sought offered;

  • Free site appraisal
  • Easily understood findings
  • No commitment from the client
  • A rolling contract (or no contract at all)
  • Proven and repeatable, transparent strategies
  • Free and friendly after sales advice

Erm, Hello?

You’ve found it!

Our SEO reporting analysis and technical audit of your online store will take into account all of the quick wins you could employ yourself- providing you have the time and inclination to do it.

From product listing to product description, we delve in deeply.

SEO For Ecommerce

Here are just some of the aspects our free SEO audits include.

  • Check how quickly ecommerce websites load on the major search engines.
  • The findings of the search engine results will determine our next moves.
  • Analyse how quickly the site opens and how well it performs on mobile phones.
  • We check how your category pages are sited and how relevant they are to the listings within them.
  • Duplicate content is highlighted for removal.
  • Search queries are appraised for relevancy and logical, hierarchical organic searches resulting from the initial query.
  • Once an item is found, we look at its image optimisation and this is repeated until an overall picture is formed.
  • We examine the content and offer suggestions for content creation with optimised keyword research for Google searches and other major search engine platforms.
  • Suggest improved keyword inclusion to drive traffic more efficiently for increased lead generation.
  • Check for broken links.
  • Technical SEO  to assist those search engine creepy crawlies called ‘spiders’ index your site.
  • Social media marketing analysis.
  • As voice search recognition software begins to alter search results, we analyse how certain voice search commands work within an ecommerce website.
  • And many other checks.

We have marketing case studies from ecommerce clients that other top SEO companies would dearly love to match.

However, our competitor’s overheads often don’t allow for the same results within the budgets we’re used to working with.

SEO case studies are all well and good for proof of experience, but they don’t give the full picture.

Ecommerce clients need blueprints that will work for them for years to come, and this takes time to grow organically.

Most of our strategies are based on growing organic traffic, limiting or negating the need for things like pay per click campaigns.

Paid search advertising has its place in strong marketing strategies, but when it’s possible to do without cost, it’s better to put the expenditure elsewhere.

We operate a focused SEO and digital marketing tactic, and this begins with responsive web design.

Our methods are based on using web designers who understand SEO (lot’s don’t) so potential customers are not lost through fundamental issues such as site speed, poorly designed product pages or disappointing user experience.

Ecommerce Web Design – Generic Platform or Bespoke?

The choice of ecommerce web design should not be taken too hastily.

A ready-made ecommerce platform is great for those online shops just starting out as it allows an ecommerce business to start selling quickly.

For example, Magento’s SEO considerations and search marketing will differ from that of Google Shopping.

Problems can arise if later the ecommerce store chosen proves to be troublesome or inadequate, as the process of moving from ecommerce sites often has its own issues.

What a Top Ecommerce SEO Company Will Do For You

It pays to employ an SEO expert with the first-hand experience of ecommerce website developers from the outset.

An experienced ecommerce marketing agency will be aware of common pitfalls within popular shopping platforms and advise on the best marketing strategy to refine your conversion rate for your unique needs.

If you intend to sell globally,  your chosen agency must employ an ecommerce SEO strategy of international SEO.

International SEO ensures the world’s search engine platforms identify your target countries and the languages used within that target market.

Perhaps your intention is to sell via social media (Facebook ads, Instagram etc)?

Salesbloom’s SEO team have experience with designing for the social media marketing sector and assist with ecommerce brands

When we work with ecommerce clients, our goal is to apply conversion rate optimisation through as many sectors of the website as can be practically improved.

As a separate though distinctly related digital strategy, we specialise in digital pr with;

  • Content publication and content strategy
  • Link building tactics
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media targeting
  • Facebook ads management
  • Networking and blogging advice
  • Local SEO targeting
  • Experience designs (based on concentrating on superior user experience)
  • Press releases


Every ecommerce SEO campaign needs SEO strategies that are well planned and structured specifically for individual sites.

The more coherent a partnership with the client and the ecommerce SEO experts, the greater the chance of conversion optimisation and higher ranking.

We advise that you look for Ecommerce SEO companies who listen to your needs and has the ability to explain their methods in a transparent and logical way.

In doing so you know what to expect from them and how long it is likely your expectations will take to achieve.

Once an agreed time is reached, an agency engaged in SEO for ecommerce sites ought to have shown their clients how to perform their own search engine optimisation.

From then on, the decision to continue with the agency should be mutual and concentrate on maintaining or surpassing the levels expected.

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