Data Driven Pay Per Click Campaigns for Leads & Sales

98% of every PPC campaign is wasted, so make sure you’re ahead of the curve.

Wouldn’t it be great if PPC agencies taught you how to do the work, instead of constantly paying them?

That way, eventually your sales team would replace their expertise with yours!

No more consultancy fees, no long-term contract.

Grow as you learn and develop your own, in-house sales team.

Sound too good to be true?

We have news for you- it’s not.

At SalesBloom we’re so confident there’s a market for our approach, our system is based upon it.

Sure, if you prefer we can act as your digital marketing agent for as long as you want too.

Whatever you’re happy with is fine by us, but we want to give you a choice.

How does our system work?

Unless you have expertise in pay per click management, you and your staff are playing a guessing game.

At times you might be lucky, but otherwise you are throwing good money after bad- getting you nowhere.

Paid search advertising involves much more than picking words for Google ads (or Bing ads for that matter) just because they appeal to you or seem relevant.

If it were that simple, the search engines from both Google and Bing would have no order, and successful online marketing would be a lottery.

A company needs to treat their advertising strategy with an almost scientific approach.

Google and Bing ads management has a structure, and the more it’s understood, the higher you will rank for the least amount of cost.

The more you understand the ‘intent’ of the adwords through a readers point of view, the more targeted and relevant your online advertising campaign.

Our system involves

  • Business overview
  • A strategy based on findings
  • Client involvement
  • Collaboration
  • Development
  • Learning
  • Growth
  • Takeover

You know your team can be better.

Better at serving your buyers and giving you more value.

Better at delivering results and improving their efficiency.

We help you unlock their potential.

The good news is you don’t have to start from scratch.

SalesBloom looks at the critical factors that make your team successful and help you get them aligned with it.

The result is a team that is engaged and effective when encountering potential buyers, and a happier, more valued team.

98% Of Your Pay Per Click is Wasted

Are you happy with only £2 from every £100 invested working for you?

Whatever business you are in, a ROI of only 2% is never acceptable.

Yet that’s exactly the return most companies achieve with their pay-per-click campaigns!

These conversion rates are pretty low even for organic search engine optimisation.

Wouldn’t it make sense to stop the guesswork and at the same time get more for your investment?

That’s where we are often asked to step in – but we approach things differently from our competitors.

Our services can either be utilised directly through us or staff training orientated, by using the logical and comprehensive teaching techniques we employ.

In other words, we help you get more from your employees by giving them the knowledge to do what you need.

This has the added bonus of quickly reducing your outlay, so your ppc advertisements are not wasted, and the peace of mind your investment is now in-house and working for you directly!

Makes sense?

I wonder why others haven’t thought of it?

Could it be because by doing so a ppc marketing agency is scared they will lose customers?

Reduce Ad Waste

Our expertise builds a methodical, data-driven approach to organising products our clients offer. Specialist advice for better sales with paid advertising and content marketing.

Done For You

We create bespoke structured planning with constant reviews to reduce workload and outlay. We take the concerns of management away by analysing your business inside out.

Increase Profit

You want quantifiable and measurable goals to increase sales and profits incrementally either monthly, quarterly or year on year. You’ve got it.

Services we offer

If you’re looking to increase your paid search advertising, sales traffic and transactions, Google Adwords (now called Google Ads) is a great place for any business to make a start.

However, the importance of a well-structured campaign cannot be overemphasised.

Otherwise, you’re wasting your money and learning nothing from it.

In order to successfully perform conversion rate optimisation through the maze of website operations, logical processes have to be implemented.

There’s no getting away from the fact that the more a company invests in the correct type of pay per click (PPC) campaigns compared with organic search engine optimisation, the quicker returns on investment will show.

Paid marketing campaigns performed correctly with a budgeted ppc account are proven to work because most readers only look at the first page from search engine returns.

With our expertise of keyword research and with the aid of specifically targeted intelligent software, we devise ppc strategies via optimised paid search campaigns which drastically reduce ad spend on negative keyword use.

PPC campaigns are still the quickest method for ensuring online presence and gaining faster search engine optimisation.

An average paid social media advertising budget is £7,000 per month.

This shows it is more important than ever to establish a solid social media presence on your site- be sure your competitors will.

Social media marketing needs a thorough strategy for gaining awareness through online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and the spend is not wasted.

Facebook advertising remains a steady platform for promoting business and social media advertising in general shows signs of growing interest.

Salesbloom uses proven techniques that will increase your audience engagement and connect you with micro influencers and the beauty is you can replicate it time and again.

A well structured logical plan saves time, money, and puts your site at the forefront of your competition.

And with Salesbloom, we keep it there.

Whether via Google Ads, business to business or business to customer, without a collaborative and structured campaign it’s like pushing water uphill.

From our deep studies carried out on businesses, we determine the best do’s and don’ts for the relevant industry we are working for.

We share our findings with our clients so that they never need to feel uninformed again.

Content marketing is the ability to develop and position your brand as an authority but at the same time, avoiding the sales pitch. 

The concept is to create an engaging user experience format in which you show authority within your industry, so you become the ‘go to’ source of information.

With our help, we get you to think outside of the box so eventually, you grasp the necessary steps needed to become that authority.

We work closely with you (or your marketing manager if you have one) to bring the right message across to your targeted audience and elevate your businesses’ brand awareness.

As a result, your site’s popularity and qualitative persona will increase and your sales along with it.

All the work in the world will come to nothing without an engaging, informative website that helps you sell your product or service.

Pay per click campaigns should be geared toward common phrases that echo the public’s speech and create a superior user experience.

Ecommerce web design is an art form which takes the prospective customer through a logical journey that ultimately gives the best chance of a sale, or at worse, makes them want to return again.

This may be the first time you’ve heard the term, Google premier partner.

A Google partner is given special privileges which help to enhance their online presence through areas such as mobile and display advertising, mobile app advertising and shopping and search advertising.

A premier partner must consistently meet three main criteria to qualify for enrolment.


For this, a minimum of two employees have to fulfill ‘Google Ads Fundamentals’ and an exam proving they have an advanced knowledge of Adwords.

Ad Spend

The membership is not cheap. A google partner must commit to a minimum spend of around £10,000 in the first ninety days, and depending on which country you trade from, a Google premier partner is significantly more.

Your Company Performance

Google’s own words express that you must “…meet the performance requirement by delivering solid overall ad revenue and growth, and maintain and grow your customer base”.

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