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Grow Your Ecommerce Sales with Bespoke Marketing Training

Learn at your speed, with personalised and adaptable coaching designed to build your team’s marketing skills and take the right steps to make your business grow.

Mixing With the Right Crowd

 We help you become your own digital marketing agency and teach your staff to maximise organic seo traffic value from their skills. No one will know your business target audience better than your team.

Understand ‘User Behaviour’ To Convert More Potential Customers

Only 1 in 5 businesses are satisfied with their conversion rate from traditional marketing or ecommerce website design.

In many cases, the reason behind unsatisfactory conversion rates stems from a poor user experience when visiting their site or brand awareness.

A reputable ecommerce agency will solve this.

Our SEO strategies are based on improving UX design through market research and methods proved to work for other businesses.

Though we do advise companies about paid search PPC, we like to concentrate on increasing your organic search presence- and for good reason.

Ecommerce marketing has its place for those with deep pockets, but the majority of businesses have to prioritise their budgets.

Organic traffic improvements save immeasurable amounts of money and help with a ecommerce website’s longevity.

Through our full service and extensive research, you’ll discover invaluable insights over your competitors to improve your brand identity, attract new customers through social media marketing, and increase your own digital media ROI.

Our Ecommerce Marketing Services Get Client’s Sales

Exciting Brands like Mor Irish Gin

Our SEO Consulting increases the online presence for a good selection of potential customers in alcohol, travel, finance and ecommerce industries.

New Garden Website that is Growing Fast

An Outdoor Shopify website built from scratch has started to gather fast traction working closely with us.

$2m Plus Neil Patel Courses

Created the last 3 SEO digital marketers courses for Neil Patel that has sold over $1m – helping thousands of new marketers

With Our Digital Agency Expertise, You’ll More Clearly;

Increase Traffic From Different Marketing Channels

Ranking well on Google is not the only way for a small business to succeed online.

There’s more search engines and web browsers than just Google, and none of them should be neglected:

It’s about picking the right numbers or platform that matter and not ‘vanity traffic’ for your ecommerce store.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is key.

If you’re the big fish in a smaller pond, you’d have a greater share of the market.

Quality over quantity is what counts, so picking the right digital agency to spend your hard-earned money and time is vital.

Use Staff Effectiveness to Replace Any Ecommerce Marketing Agency

On average, Personnel accounts for 65% business costs.

Each marketing improvement you implement will likely be counteracted if you don’t train your staff with current and up-to-date digital marketing services that work.

With our methods, every process is set up for you to successfully repeat with your internal team and in so doing, maximise your staff effectiveness.

Being the best marketing agency for our customers means we have to think differently. 

The aim for us is to replace our own cost and knowledge so we are not needed anymore.

Find Ecommerce Platform Strategies or Paid Social Marketing at the Right Cost

Reducing wasted spend on advertising and content creation gives your business further room to grow.

Relying on paid marketing methods or even local SEO campaigns doesn’t guarantee quick success.

If you focus on understanding where your actual customer hangs out and their pain points you can create and optimise branding, organic or paid search or, social marketing that matters.

Our SEO Agency Covers Local SEO Services in Cardiff and National SEO in the UK

or an SEO company based in Cardiff, you needn’t look any further as you’ve found it.

Being based in Cardiff, we know local business owners such as you realise sometimes there’s no substitute for understanding local issues and the demographics of the area.

That’s why when building a marketing strategy for a local SEO, we like to visit their places of work and find out what motivates them and their needs.

Unlike other SEO companies, we try to arrange an informal meeting and offer our initial seo campaign advice for free.

We have no fear of doing that as we truly believe in paying things forward.

Our premise is openness and honesty.

If it gets us a client we know they also believe in that concept because we ask nothing of them until they agree to be so.

There’s another reason we do this.

We’re at a point where we can be selective about who we advise, and if it’s not the right fit, we will both determine that quickly.

So- how do we operate?

Initially, one of our professional SEO consultants will offer to visit your business after making a preliminary technical SEO audit of your company.

The audit usually will take a few days, and from that, we’ll summarise some of the changes their company should implement quickly, in stages or over time.

In our meeting (or via Skype or other means should you prefer) we offer free keyword research that is uniquely tailored for your needs.

We even can supply particular keywords based on ranking for Cardiff SEO if required.

We’ll look at things like link auditing, Facebook advertising, paid media, mobile SEO and your overall online shop strategy.

In the past, we’ve even compiled an SEO video for prospective clients who have difficulty in finding the time to arrange a meeting.

Don’t Wait Until it’s too Late

Nowadays, design is a critical aspect for higher conversion rates and return on investment. 

Our preliminary research on your ecommerce solution will highlight areas for increasing your conversion rate and SEO strategies you can apply with only elemental knowledge of how search engines work.

We’ll suggest longer-term digital marketing campaigns that are more involved and therefore time-consuming but equally, if not more vital for search engine optimisation.

These include link building, social media presence, optimised web design, and digital pr (specifically locally oriented).

We guarantee our strategy will improve your original search engine rankings- and the beauty of it all;

This will cost you nothing if you have the time and inclination to do yourself. 

If you already have an online marketing budget, how much you would typically have to pay for that sort of information?

All we ask is that we’re given an opportunity to prove how seo works with us.

Others in your position took the chance and have never looked back.

Our Digital Marketing Consultancy & SEO Services

Though we’re SEO agency based near Cardiff in Wales UK, SEO and ecommerce marketing have no boundaries.

Assistance through localised digital marketing services has its values, but Salesbloom has marketing or seo experts specialising in content marketing work anywhere worldwide.

We do it all! We’ve got an onboard web design and development facility should this be required and we develop your search engine optimisation, digital pr, technical SEO, map your PPC campaign, design search engine friendly websites, or rebuild your home!

(Well, maybe not a whole house!).

Page Optimisation

Attract more quality traffic through on-page optimisation of your content, context, and little-known advertising agency strategies.

Business Citations

Local SEO is really built from having a presence with companies in close proximity to you. Citations help tell Google this quickly and cheaply.

Course Creation

Create your own webinars, link building assets and a learning environment fully designed with slides or video- or both.

Google Adwords

We feel an SEO agency can gather tons of insights from Google AdWords as a way to build out the organic traffic approach. A short campaign can tell you and us what works today.

Content Marketing

Grasp the best ecommerce web design concepts and branding methods needed to create and share online content to stimulate interest in your products or services and improve Google rankings.


Google’s algorithm is unknown to most but we know quality backlinks from trusted sources helps build our authority online on a subject.

Google Shopping PPC Management

We help you better promote your products on Google shopping for customers ready and wanting to buy.

White Hat

For a company’s ecommerce experience to work we need to make sure it lasts beyond just quick wins. White hat seo makes sure we follow those best practices.  

Would you like to give your team superpowers?