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With Our Digital Agency Expertise, You’ll More Clearly;

Promote Your Firm With Better Technical SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for solicitors and lawyers improve and promote the law firm’s website visibility.

This, in turn, will increase the number of visitors and inevitably help to bring more enquiries.  Salesbloom works with you to convey the right message to your prospective clients.

It's Not How Many Visits You Get, but Who Visits!

Higher ranking on Google doesn’t automatically mean extra work for your family law firm.

There are other considerations such as getting your message across and targeting the right clients for your specialised expertise and reputation management.

Salesbloom assists you in determining who visits your site currently, and how to bring in more desirable clientele. We give you insights into ways to promote your preferred law firm services with methods to structure your web pages correctly.


Your Staff Needs to be On Board

Every marketing improvement you make needs to be sustained by your staff, from the receptionists to the solicitors within any partnership.

With Salesbloom. every process is set up to successfully repeat with your team to maximise staff effectiveness and investing in seo that lasts.

 Our Services

From an initial analysis of your site, we offer optimised keyword phrasing and landing page designs to draw in more clients. We map out a pay-per-click campaign and advise on any amendments required.

By tracking and analysing new traffic, advertising campaigns, we build better solutions to increase the quality of attracted views and ultimately bring in more desirable clients.

Lead Generation

It’s important for us to understand the types of service you provide and your preferred client. In this way, we can gear our strategies to optimise for the target market. SEO for solicitors and law firms differ in that we recognise the necessity for legal terms to be correct and clear.

User Experience

Well crafted websites are tested for ease of navigation and logical page hierarchy. It’s crucial that your site opens quickly, and all methods of advertising are consistent and clear. Ultimately, your website is a selling tool and you need to explain your services clearly, and succinctly.

Paid Traffic

Pay-per-click advertising has its value, especially so when websites are being altered as the transition inevitably means a temporary loss of traffic. Salesbloom assists in advising you of the best strategies for ppc campaigns within your given budget and minimises downtime (and in some cases, removes downtime completely).

Website Design

Many companies forget the most important people to please and engage are the prospective clients who visit a user friendly site. Salesbloom strives to show by logical means, how seemingly counterintuitive strategies are often best practice when designing a site.

Local SEO Optimisation

All too often we’ve found our clients aim for national recognition and overlook localised promotional SEO. This is a mistake as many website users are looking for local services, blog posting and assistance.

A local law firm has more chance of winning work meaning a higher conversion rate. Salesbloom concentrates on local SEO as in many cases, due to the vast competition, this proves to be a more straightforward win in the short term. As your online presence improves, so will the geographical interest in your services so start with Google my business.

Get in Touch Today

As a prospective client, a simple phone call or email will more fully explain the services we provide. We never pressurise and know that your time is precious.

Any questions you may have can be either clarified by our knowledgeable staff, or supplied in written form via email.

When you’ve joined Salesbloom, you’ll wonder how you ever managed organic search or advertising campaigns without us.

When you think about the myriad methods of advertising, specialist personal injury solicitors who deal in for ‘no win no fee’ for example, radio or TV springs to mind.

This approach obviously works or so many companies wouldn’t engage in it but there are other equally effective methods.

Social media marketing is often forgotten as an SEO strategy when dealing with solicitors’ websites but it is also an invaluable area in which to promote yourself. The first place the majority of clients will look for a firm of solicitors is likely to be through a local search online.

When you are about to optimise your website design, online visibility is achieved in many areas.

Be it via social media or through link building, solicitor’s SEO has many comparisons to promoting in the same way as product selling as the legal profession also provides a service.

Search rankings are as equally important for a law firm as they are for a fashion retail outlet if you want more customers.

With a higher conversion rate you are likely to be more successful, and that’s the way of the online world.

Salesbloom has a deep understanding of what’s required and the technical search engine optimisation strategies to implement them with a logical digital marketing approach.

Why use Salesbloom SEO for Solicitors?


We differ in many ways from our competitors as we provide the right service for individual businesses that brings effective seo search results not overly relying on google ads.

We don’t pretend to make impossible traffic boosts overnight and are transparent with our assurances to you.

Changes take time, and though you may see short spikes of extra activity on your new optimised site, it often takes around four to six months for our changes to show dramatic differences.

There- we’ve said it.

We can’t promise you magical changes- we offer tangible and measurable improvements that will last.

How We Work

Step 1. Benchmark Analysis Visuals

Our processes analyse what works within your local solicitors area and benchmarks where you are positioned in comparison to your competitors. This could involve an seo audit, keyword research, google penalty recovery marketing strategy for potential customers.

Step 2. Pick and Mix Strategies

Decisions are agreed upon with regards to how any campaign strategy proceeds based on what seo requires, budget, timescale and relevance.

Step 3. Next Step Report

Ongoing step-by-step digital marketing tips and advice is given from your first proven win until you feel there’s no need for our assistance. We can then discuss seo management and national seo.

Salesbloom has been able to understand the complexity of our operations and, combined with their past experience, deliver a great solution for the business.
Rafael Berti

Co Founder / Director, Biassa APS

Jim really came through for us on a new marketing course for my brand and is a great guy I regularly work with on projects.
Neil Patel

International Marketing Expert ,

Not only does Jim know what he is talking about professionally, and can actually do what he says he does, but he’s a really nice guy as well.

He always puts the client first, even when this may be difficult.

Jacob Reimann

Founder, Inner Freedom

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